Super Simple Baby Beanie

Hey everyone! Just a heads up…
Our domain has changed to
DLC just keeps getting bigger and better!
All because of you awesome followers.
Now, on to the good stuff
A super simple baby beanie!
Have you ever heard of that game “2 Truths and A Lie”?
Well… we are going to play that game with this post.
You are excited, I know it!!!
I am going to tell you
2 truths and 1lie.
YOU guess which is the lie!
Ready?!?! OK!!!
1) This beanie is made for my future niece.
2) I made this beanie – crochet.
3) All I did was hot glue the pre-made bow to the pre-made beanie.
Alrighty! The lie is….
I don’t sew, stitch, crochet, or anything else related to needle and thread.
Wish I could, but I cant!
So, I bought this pre-made beanie and bow
and simply stuck them together!!
Next on the list…
baby headbands!!!